A page about a wiki should only be created/edited by admins or higher of that wiki.

Please give your wiki page mature warnings, if it is 18+ gory/bloody etc. the top of the page needs to have a warning.

Vandalising another wiki's page will result in a infinite ban and may have a page about their wiki removed.

Please contact the founder if you want your wiki page to be locked/deleted.

Do not create a page about a deleted wiki/marked for deletion wiki. Doing so will result in a warning and if continued, a 1-month ban.

One page per wiki. One photo per wiki.

Please refrain from advertising a wiki in a different wiki's talk page, as this is where people can discuss that wiki.

Positive feedback or constructive criticism is welcome, however negativity without good reasons is a punishable offence.

If your wiki shares the same name as another wiki, please either A) add a [2] or [3] depending on the situation. B) use your domain name.